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Chemical Engineering Solutions for Efficient & Safe Manufacturing

A Texas-based engineering firm specializing in elevating chemical manufacturing processes with innovative, safety-focused technologies to ensure reduced costs, accelerated timelines, and enhanced reliability.

Registered across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

process optimization

Advancing chemical manufacturing technologies that ensure enhanced safety, reduced costs, and accelerated, reliable outcomes.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Specializing in reducing operational costs and accelerating timelines with efficient, rapid solutions for complex challenges.

Innovation Excellence

Troubleshooting, debottlenecking, and optimizing safety and efficiency while providing tailored compliant solutions.

about us

At Siege Engineering, we excel in advancing chemical manufacturing technologies, allowing us to ensure safety, lower costs, and faster, reliable outcomes. Based in Houston and registered in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas, our expertise lies in troubleshooting, debottlenecking, complex technical studies, and optimizing safety and efficiency. As leaders in chemical engineering, we’re committed to innovative solutions for challenging projects with tailored solutions that ensure compliance and innovation at every step.

Core Services

Process/ Equipment

Optimal selection and sizing of the piping and equipment needed for performance, operability, cost, and production rates.

Project Management

Planning, communication, and collaboration to achieve deadlines within budget for all phases from design through construction.

Process Technology

Selecting the best chemistry, sequences, and overall strategy to make products and achieve performance and cost advantages.

Process Control

Selection, setup, and ongoing programming and hardware support for control systems and instrumentation.

Process Safety

Safe and practical solutions at each project stage using industry best practices for reviews and designs of new or existing chemical processes.

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Project Savings

Providing the best perspective by evaluating investment to generate the greatest potential cost savings from the start. As a result, our senior team members have a proven track record of safely and reliably reducing total investment by as much as 30% when we get involved from the beginning.

As much as
Total Savings
Research & Development
Process Engineering
Project Engineering
Procurement & Construction
% Project Cost Savings
Bar Graph Showing higher percentage of saving from the beginning of the project.
% of Total Project Completion at the start of Siege Involvement
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Socma Affiliate

Siege Engineering became a member of The Society of Chemical Manufacturers Affiliates (SOCMA) in 2021, joining forces with fellow producers and affiliates to contribute to the industry's advancement and improvement. SOCMA advocates for the specialty chemical industry's expansion, focusing on legislative and regulatory support, safety excellence, and enhancing business intelligence and manufacturing processes.

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Petrochemical Ops Manager

“Siege is ready and responsive when we need them, and they effectively implement practical solutions. ”