About Us

Competitive improvement and technological innovation from our chemistry and engineering background.

Siege Engineering specializes in process and equipment design for the chemical industry. Our team of engineers and project managers have extensive experience commercializing new technologies, designing, building, and operating advanced manufacturing facilities. At Siege, we are unsurpassed for delivering innovative technology solutions to a diverse client base which is how we maintain a dynamic, diversified portfolio of raw material cost advantages, utilities, operating budgets, and capital investment.

Our Philosophy

Our passion is helping our clients develop innovative processes from conception to operation by providing a global network of engineers with vast industry-leading experience, practices, and international support. Our mission is to present better solutions that help manage leadership positions within market segments. Ultimately, our goal is to increase value, improve products or services, and achieve the best design and systems to enhance our client's position.


Trent J. Weiss, P.E.


Trent Weiss founded Siege Engineering to set a new global standard for elite chemical process engineering and technology consulting. His 30 years of experience includes operations management, process design, technology development, and project engineering in specialty and commodity petrochemicals. Trent has master’s degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Houston and organic chemistry from Rice University. His BS degree is from Texas A&M University, and he has been a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas since 2003. His expertise includes complex reactions and distillation systems in continuous or batch operation modes. He also builds and maintains DCS systems. (Honeywell, Yokogawa, Delta V).

Lina Matar

Vice President, Commercial and Operations

Lina Matar serves as the dynamic VP of Commercial and Operations at Siege. With a proven track record of success for companies like Xerox and experience in medical device representation, Lina possesses over two decades of Business Development acumen. Holding a Bachelor's from Lamar University, she embodies the philosophy "Customer service is the new marketing," with a focus on cultivating strategic partnerships that fuel revenue growth and enhance profitability through client-centric strategies.

John Stephens

Vice President - R&D

John Stephens has a BS in chemistry from Texas A&M and did graduate work in organic chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. He also has an MBA from Geneva College. He specializes in polymer chemistry, has had R&D roles in the industry, and has been a professor and lecturer for colleges in the Pittsburgh area. John has driven key technology innovations for a key Siege customer and manages our research staff.


Austin Seaux

Process/Project Engineer

Austin Seaux has a BS degree in chemical engineering and chemistry from Lamar University. ​He engaged in research projects at Lamar University. He has also participated in Motiva (Chemist Intern at the RDCC Lab and Method Development) and Valero (Environmental Intern on Heater MACT Updates and Permitting Actions) internships.

Chirag Patel

Chemical Engineer

Chirag Patel has a BS in Chemical Engineering. He has learned the importance of applying analytical strategies to modern-day projects. He has participated in AIChe Student Design competition which taught him how to apply fundamental principles to automated systems in both defense and oil industries He has a passion for innovation, prototyping, and high-quality manufacturing.


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