August 5, 2021

Delivering A Modern Furnace On A Deadline

Modernizing with a deadline is something we take seriously.

Recently a client had an urgent request for a replacement heating unit that required fitting into an existing space not built for such a unit. In this case, our engineers had to work out solutions for adapting and incorporating a newer, more efficient method for the existing framework without sacrificing efficiency or compromising the deadline for State of Texas Environmental testing.

Engineering a solution to a problem such as this often takes collaboration which is why we work together with our clients to find creative ways of solving complex needs. In this case, we were able to identify potential issues before they occurred and delivered a product via Tulsa Heaters that works as precisely as needed.

Saving money in the long run.

By consulting a range of the best vendors, such as Tulsa for our projects, we are able to execute productive solutions while reducing surprises and schedule delays. In addition, we can also deliver results while monitoring the health of our clients' systems from day one all while saving money in the long run.

For this particular project, we designed and installed the new furnace in an already complicated system which was initially scheduled as a routine replacement due to the existing system at the end of life. Ultimately, Our team of engineers was able to design and install the unit, which integrated seamlessly with existing on-site systems.

Project Features:

  1. Retrofitting
  2. Equipment Design
  3. Process Technology
  4. Project Management

As we all know, procuring and installing during the replacement process can take time. Although with the ongoing threat of inevitable delays associated with manufacturing and delivery of materials, Siege Engineering was able to complete this heater installation well on schedule.

When it comes to projects like this, CEO Trent Weiss has developed a great relationship with Tulsa Heaters in recent years, contributing to ongoing success. After all, delivering a modern furnace under a deadline is indeed what good business is all about, and that's something we continually strive for at Siege Engineering.

If you are looking for the best in what our industry has to offer, you needn't look any further for a highly experienced team who can properly execute your goals at the highest potential.

At Siege, we are always happy to see new clients come our way, which is why we always go out of our way to provide the same high level of quality service our clients can expect from some of the most reputable companies in the industry.